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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I need to do to start service?

    Starting service is easy. Simply contact our office we will help get your service started.

  2. What does the price include?

    When you call in to setup service you get to pick your plan. For large pick ups or oversized items, please call our office to get a quote.

  3. Will I save money with Meta Waste?

    Remember the old saying, "You get what you pay for." At Meta Waste, we understand that quality services are important. We are committed to your satisfaction and we guarantee that you'll get the best value with our services.

  4. When will my trash be picked up?

    Our office will let you know which day you will be picked up on when you sign up for service.

    Trash is typically collected between 3AM and 6PM. Your pickup time may vary week to week, so please have your trash ready the night before.

  5. How much can I put in my container?

    Please do not let your containers or bags exceed fourty (40) pounds each.

  6. What if I need extra garbage pick up?

    Please contact our office for scheduling and details on additional garbage pickups.

  7. What if the driver has a missed pickup?

    Please contact our office to report a missed pickup.

  8. What if I have special hazardous or bulky items for pickup?

     You will need to schedule a special pickup for bulky items.

     Please contact your office for scheduling and to get more details.

    We do not handle hazardous materials at this time. Please call our office to see if we can pick up our materials.

  9. Are there any items I can not put into my container?

    Needles or syringes                 Motor oil & wet paint                        Household hazardous waste

    Please contact our office to check the acceptable and unacceptable materials list to ensure which items you can or can not throw away.

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Disposal of Problem Products

  1. Ammunition

    Ammunition may be turned in to your Police Department. 

  2. Animal Waste

    Animal waste, such as used kitty litter and dog waste, must be double bagged before being placed at the curb on your regular trash collection day.

  3. Coals and Ashes

    Coals and ashes pose a fire hazard because they take significantly longer to cool than most people realize. What appears to be dead coals can start a fire in the garbage truck or in the landfill. Douse coals with water. Allow to cool for at least 24 hours. Never place in paper bag. Spread evenly through your garden or compost pile.

  4. Compressed Gas Tanks

    Oxygen tanks used in the home for medical reasons should be returned to the supplier or manufacturer. Look for an address on the neck of the tank. Helium tanks must be emptied before they can be disposed of at the curb for recycling. Dive tanks used for recreational purposes can be sold back to the dive shop or through classified advertisements. Tip: Before purchasing compressed gas tanks, ask the supplier about disposal alternatives.

  5. Cooking Oil (Liquid) and Grease (Solid)

    Liquid cooking may be disposed as trash curbside only after it has been absorbed and solidified (with newspaper, kitty litter or another absorbent).

    As a rule, liquids are not accepted at the curb due to the mess often created by collecting and transporting liquids, and landfill regulations which prevent land disposal of liquids.

    Solid cooking grease is accepted curbside for disposal as trash.

    NEVER pour used cooking oil or grease on the ground or down garbage disposals, sinks, toilets, drains or storm sewers. It leads to blocked sewer pipes, clogged drain fields, increased maintenance costs, and contaminated waterways.

  6. Dead Animals

    For deceased household pets, contact a local veterinary clinic for disposal services.

    For hunting carcasses, contact a licensed deer salvager or state highway partol

  7. Explosives

     Check with your local fire department to see if they will accept explosive items such as gunpowder, hand grenades, blasting caps, fireworks, etc.  


  8. Household and Commercial Hazardous Waste

    Unless used or disposed of according to directions, household and commercial chemicals present a threat to the surface water and ground water that we drink. Special handling is required to dispose of them properly

  9. Human Waste

    Human waste, such as used diapers, must be double bagged before being placed at the curb on your regular trash collection day.


  10. Latex Paint

    If paint is dry, it can be disposed of in your regular trash. The lid must be removed so that the hauler can see it is dry.


    If the paint is wet follow these directions:

    For quantities greater than 1 inch left in the container.

    1) Find a well-ventilated area that is protected from children and pets.

    2) Add cat litter or sawdust to absorb the paint.

    3) Every couple of days, stir the mixture to allow air to flow through. Depending on the type and quantity of paint you have, the drying process can be lengthy and may take from several days to several weeks.

    4) When completely dry, discard with regular trash (put in box or bag).

    5) Leave the lids off so the trash company can see that the paint is hardened.


    For small quantities less than 1 inch left in the container.

    1) Find a well-ventilated area that is protected from children and pets.

    2) Remove the lid and allow the liquids to evaporate (make sure there is proper ventilation). Do not smoke near cans and avoid contact with the liquid or inhaling vapors.

    3) When completely dry, discard with regular trash (put in box or bag).

    4) Leave the lids off so the trash company can see that the paint is hardened.


    NOTE: Small quantities of paint and aerosol sprays can be painted on cardboard or newspaper to use up. You can then dispose of the cardboard or newspaper in your regular trash.



  11. Liquids

    Read the label.

    If hazardous, flammable, poisonous, or unidentifiable, refer to the yellow pages for private companies who also provide this service.

    If not hazardous, flammable, or poisonous, pour down the kitchen drain.

    Do not mix products to avoid potentially deadly combination. Liquids create a mess in collection vehicles, and work their way through the trash, picking up contaminants, and eventually have to be pumped out and treated at special disposal facilities.

  12. Propane Tanks

    Propane tanks are accepted but needs to be seperate from trash so driver can see. Proane tanks will be recycled.

  13. Smoke Detectors

    Smoke detectors contain a small amount of radioactive material, which prevents our household hazardous waste program from accepting them. Check for the manufacturer listed on the back of the detector for alternatives. If you are unable to identify manufacturer, place in your regular trash.


  14. Styrofoam/Polystyrene

    Styrofoam packing peanuts and blocks are accepted curbside in your regular trash. As an alternative, please consider recycling or reusing Styrofoam through the following resources:

    Alliance Recycling Center 15969 River St. NE, Alliance (330) 821-8057

    Jackson Recycling Station  5717 Wales Ave NW, Massillon  (330) 833-7365

    O'Brien Packaging, LLC  1460 Hillbrook Ave SE, North Canton (330) 499-8056

    S. Slesnick Company  700 3rd St SE, Canton  (330) 454-5101

     Customers should call ahead for hours. Many mail/postal stores such as Mail Boxes, Etc. or Parcel Plus accept polystyrene "peanuts" for reuse. Check the Yellow Pages for locations.


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